Little Girl and Woman Ready for Fall

12 Autumn Wardrobe Essentials Your Child Needs

October 1, 2014 , ,

Does anyone else feel a small chill in the air? Autumn is here which means the time has come to pack away those summer items. Yes you can still have your white, but you need to say adiós to those cute warm weather threads. Every parent has their own requirement for their child’s wardrobe. Here are … More »

¿Quién Los Entiende? Guía Para Los Que Tienen Que Convivir Con Adolescentes

La adolescencia es una etapa de la vida hecha para recordarse. Vive en nuestra memoria como ese tiempo en el que éramos libres, jóvenes y nuestras preocupaciones se limitaban a deberes escolares; claro que no nos recordamos como los seres contradictorios y enfadosos que seguramente fuimos. Respecto a nuestra propia adolescencia, podemos seguir recordando e … More »

Top 13 Reasons To Visit Montréal And Quebec City For Your Next Vacation

September 30, 2014 , ,

Quebec is Canada’s largest province, but is also one of the most multicultural and diverse. Stepped in the traditions and language of its mother country, Quebec has one of the most unique mixes of old-world meets new-world, English meets French, which have forged its bold, authentic and exuberant identity. Its two urban epicenters, Montréal and … More »