Kellogg’s Días Grandiosos Provides Latina Moms With Two Scoops of Hope

April 17, 2014 , ,

Kellogg’s is looking to bring families to the table for more than just cereal. The breakfast brand’s newest initiative, Días Grandiosos  is specifically dedicated to Hispanic mothers and their families. With 80 percent of Latinas turning to the internet for advice about their purchases, the new digital platform hopes to be a resource in the decision-making process. … More »

Sugar Rush: 6 Kids Snacks to Avoid if You’re Concerned About Their Health

April 14, 2014 , ,

We’ve previously discussed the dangers of giving kids drinks with too much sugar and were astounded to discover how these seemingly harmless beverages could negatively impact our children’s health. Now we’re delving into snacks that can be just as harmful based on their sugar count. With adults only needing about 32 grams of sugar per day when on a 2,000 … More »

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