Understanding Our Buying Power: Why Big Brands Are Turned on to Latinas

April 23, 2014 , ,

It’s Latina power. According to a report from market research firm Nielsen published last summer, Latinas are the primary decision makers on spending in their households. Of course, this makes them “pivotal to the Hispanic market’s $1.2 trillion in annual buying power.” Big brands are taking notice of the “Latinas power,” which explains why … More »

More Latinos Going to College, But Few Actually Graduate

It’s estimated that 20 percent of Latino adults (25 years and older) will obtain an associate degree or higher, compared to 36 percent of all adults. “America’s success is intertwined with the educational success of Latinos, and that takes leadership not only in Washington, but in statehouses and communities all across the country,” says Texas Representative  and Congressional … More »

Top 10 Summer Blockbusters 2014 for Latino Audiences

Latinos are the most frequent moviegoers in the U.S., which means we have the poder to influence the box office. Given that we are quickly headed towards summer, it’s important to start thinking about all those Hollywood blockbusters our family members will be looking forward to seeing. Since tickets these days aren’t cheap, here’s a look at some of … More »

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